Лингвокогнитивный анализ политического дискурса: концептуальные, риторические и лингвистические характеристики инаугурационных выступлений президентов России, США, Бразилии и Чили

Linguistic-Cognitive Analysis of Political Discourse : Conceptual, Rhetorical and Linguistic Characteristics of the Inaugural Speeches of the Presidents of Russia, the USA, Brazil and Chile

The indisputable importance of issues of ideology, patriotism, national identity, manipula- tion of consciousness is gaining a new meaning today in the light of global political processes, that are reflected in the conceptual picture of the world and society. The monograph is devoted to a compara- tive linguistic-cognitive and linguistic-cultural analysis of the inaugural speeches of the presidents of Russia, the USA, Brazil and Chile. The research is the identification and description of the relevant cognitive, rhetorical and linguistic aspects of political discourse within a specific historical epoch and their judgement in different linguistic cultures, allowing for national specifics, and it also clarifies the scope of the concept of “political discourse” and its structure. So far as political thinking, political effect and linguistic form are in close setting, the study of political discourse suggests an interdiscipli- nary approach. Close correlation and mutual supplementary information of cognitive and pragmatic approaches, taking into account ethnocultural content in the study of mental structures through the analysis of their linguistic representation and pragmatic implementation, contributes to the deepe- ning of existing ideas in terms of the concepts of the political picture of the world. In this regard, the work was carried out in the framework of the cognitive-discursive paradigm of linguistic know- ledge and explores the inaugural discourse in the light of the conceptualization process, that makes it possible to present this type of discourse as a system of interrelated concepts that reflect idealistic attitudes, traditional ideological values, ethnocultural realities and national mental characterristics of society in the context of power regulation. The practical material of the study was the inaugural speeches of V. Putin, B. Obama, D. Rousself and M. Bachelet. The monograph is interdisciplinary in nature and is intended for a wide range of specia- lists that carry out theoretical and practical research in the field of political science and linguistics, as well as for students, undergraduates, graduate students and university professors that implement educational programs as part of the above types of professional and scientific research activities. The material has originally been drafted in the form of MA thesis of Brandon Cross, while Associate Professor Ekaterina Zvereva was the respective research scientific supervisor. The thesis has not been published. Currently, it is in the RUDN University repository with institutional access only.

Федеральное государственное автономное образовательное учреждение высшего образования Российский университет дружбы народов (РУДН)
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Сауренко Т.Н., Веселко А.А., Кастырин М.А., Абделаал А.М., Фетисов А.В., Ставицкий Д.В.
Экономические стратегии ЕАЭС: проблемы и инновации. Российский университет дружбы народов (РУДН). 2020. P. 176-185