Digital Resources for Learning and Teaching Academic Writing in English

Academic writing is the process of sharing original research with other scholars in accordance with certain standard rules. Writing is an essential skill in language learning and in academic achievements at university. Due to the modern time challenges and the demand for distance and e-learning, traditional types of academic writing instruction in the classroom need to be supported by digital resources. Although there is a wide range of them, however, there have been no complex investigations of academic writing digital resources for educational purposes. As a result, much uncertainty exists about their types, content, technical and training opportunities, advantages and disadvantages, etc. Focusing on the key searching words (academic writing, training, free access) the authors of the present paper explored several attributes and features of academic writing digital resources by analyzing instructions, assignments, video lectures (if available), interactive exercises, feedback to reveal the most convenient, interesting and informative of them. The examined resources were classified into two groups: Informative and training. Informative ones are recommended either for teachers or for students. Training resources can be used by students as addition to their independent work. The uncovered main themes and concepts, which characterize the analyzed resources, can be considered as a certain guide for teachers and students practicing in academic writing. © 2021 ACM.

Nickolaevna Bezus S. , Mekeko N.M. 2 , Akbilek E.3
Association for Computing Machinery
  • 1 Moscow State University of Food Production, Russian Federation
  • 2 Peoples'Friendship University of Russia, RUDN University, Russian Academy of Education, Russian Federation
  • 3 Academy of Public Administration, Russian Federation
Academic writing; Digital resources; E-learning; High education
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