Stationary probabilities of the states of the retrial system MAP/G/1/r with priority servicing of primary customers

Summary (translated from the Russian): "We consider a single-server retrial queueing system with a Markov input flow and bounded queues for both primary and retrial customers. A newly arriving customer is placed in a queue of primary customers or is sent to a queue of retrial customers if all places in the queue of primary customers are occupied, or leaves the system if there are no vacant places in the queue of retrial customers. A customer from the queue of retrial customers can be sent only to a free server. For this system we find the stationary state probabilities in an embedded Markov chain generated by the moments of server release, as well as the stationary time distributions of the number of retrial and primary customers in the system."

Bocharov P.P. , Pechinkin A.V. , Fong N.Kh.
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no.~8, part 1
English, Russian
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