Performance Analysis of Multi-Band Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Operation in 5G NR Systems

Blockage of millimeter-wave (mmWave) radio propagation paths in dense mobile scenarios requires advanced techniques to preserve session continuity in 5G New Radio (NR) systems. In this work, we employ the tools of stochastic geometry and queuing theory as well as rely on 3GPP cluster-based propagation modeling to formulate a mathematical framework, which captures session-level service dynamics of user equipment (UE) that supports multi-band operation. Accordingly, the sub-6 GHz NR base station (BS) is used to temporarily serve the sessions with strict throughput requirements that experience an outage at the mmWave NR BSs. We derive user- and system-centric key performance indicators, including new and ongoing session drop probabilities as well as radio resource utilization. Our numerical results confirm that the use of microwave BSs to serve mmWave sessions is only feasible in light traffic conditions. Particularly, the presence of throughput-hungry mmWave traffic increases the session drop probability at the sub-6 GHz band as well as decreases its utilization. Further, the support of sub-6 GHz radio may not improve the mmWave BS resource utilization, as many mmWave sessions are dropped during their service as a consequence of frequent blockage-induced outage situations. IEEE

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5G mobile communication systems; Benchmarking; Drops; Mobile telecommunication systems; Queueing theory; Radio waves; Stochastic systems; Key performance indicators; Mathematical frameworks; Millimeter waves (mmwave); Multi-band operations; Performance analysis; Propagation modeling; Resource utilizations; Stochastic geometry; Millimeter waves
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