Current trends in the IT services market

Relevance. Today, in the context of global digitalization, the world IT services market is developing at quite a rapid pace and remains one of the fastest growing segments of the IT industry. Researchers of this market in their works describe direct dependence between globalization of IT services market and development of national economic systems. Thus, today it is most important to determine the key trends in the development of IT services world market. In this paper, the most important trends of the most significant segments of IT service market are determined and described, such as: IT consulting, system integration, custom software development, IT outsourcing, IT support, and IT education and training. Understanding and following the current trends contributes not only to the development of existing opportunities for companies' growth, but also to the emergence of new ones, due to which the companies will not only retain, but also increase their competitive advantages on the global market. Goal. To identify and analyze the most important current trends in the global IT service market development, which contribute not only to the reformation of the market itself, but also to change in the relationship of its constituent elements. To systemize the latest trends in the global IT service market and evaluate them in terms of their impact on the economic development of the countries. Methodology. The methodology of system analysis, methods of structural, logical and comparative analysis are used in this paper. Results. The key trends in the development of the main segments of the modern IT service market have been determined and described. Among them, cloud computing technologies, cybersecurity and innovative business models are particularly important. Conclusions. It is obvious that the identified trends in the development of the global IT services market are critical to the effective performance of each enterprise both in terms of understanding, forming a business strategy, timely implementation of innovative business models, following the latest trends, and in terms of building up their competitive advantages in extremely difficult conditions on the global market. © The Authors, published by EDP Sciences, 2019.

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Competition; Environmental technology; International trade; Planning; Software design; Cloud computing technologies; Comparative analysis; Competitive advantage; Constituent elements; Custom software development; Economic development; Effective performance; System integration; Economic and social effects
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