Li X.

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Li X., Gao H., Grießhammer H.W., Howell C.R., Kendellen D.P., Leung K.K.H., Weller H.R., Wu Y.K., Zhao Z.W., Ahmed M.W., Bartram C., Crowe B., Emamian M., Karwowski H.J., Markoff D.M., Mikhailov S., Sikora M.H., Silano J.A., Swift G., Wallace P., Sosa R.S., Banu A., Whisnant C.S., Downie E.J., Feldman G., Godagama D., Kovash M.A., McGovern J.A., Pywell R.E., Spraker M.C.
Physical Review Letters. Vol. 128. 2022. 132502 p.

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