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Minasny B., Arrouays D., McBratney A.B., Angers D.A., Chambers A., Chaplot V., Chen Z.-S., Cheng K., Das B.S., Field D.J., Gimona A., Hedley C., Hong S.Y., Mandal B., Malone B.P., Marchant B.P., Martin M., McConkey B.G., Mulder V.L., O'Rourke S., Richer-de-Forges A.C., Odeh I., Padarian J., Paustian K., Pan G., Poggio L., Savin I., Stolbovoy V., Stockmann U., Sulaeman Y., Tsui C.-C., Vågen T.-G., Winowiecki L., Van Wesemael B.
Geoderma. Elsevier. Vol. 309. 2018. P. 124-129

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