Society of Petroleum Engineers - SPE Heavy Oil Conference Canada 2012: Conference Proceedings. Volume 1

The proceedings contain 144 papers. The topics discussed include: potential application of thermal processes to improve extra heavy oil recovery: a simulation numerical study from Orinoco oil belt, Boyaca area; comparing the performance and recovery mechanisms for steam flooding in heavy and light oil reservoirs; influence of lateral variation of permeability on steam assisted gravity drainage; study of steam injection in a fractured carbonate heavy oil reservoir in Iran; foaminess and viscosity effects in heavy oil flow; new solution polymer for SAGD production optimization; laboratory and simulation study of optimized water additives for improved heavy oil recovery; a follow-up recovery method after cold heavy oil production cyclic CO 2 injection; using a new hybrid artificial lift system for mature heavy oil fields; and monitoring PPB levels of dissolved oxygen in SAGD facilities.

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ISBN: 9781622761111
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SPE Heavy Oil Conference Canada
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Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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