Using aknekutan in acne therapy: A new low-dose scheme

Systemic administration of isotretinoin holds the leading position among the modern methods of acne treatment. However, administration of high therapeutic doses of these drugs may lead to adverse side effects. The efficacy and safety of administration of low-doses of isotretinoin (Aknekutan) patients with mild, moderate and severe forms of acne resistant to standard treatment methods were assessed. The study involved 70 patients aged 18 to 38 years with papulopustular form of acne of varying severity. Patients were divided into three groups. The first group included 20 patients with mild form of acne; the second group, 47 patients with moderate form of acne; and the third group, 3 patients with severe acne. Patients in groups 1 and 2 received Aknekutan as monotherapy at a dose of 0.16—0.32 mg per kilogram body weight for 3—6 months (mean 4 months). Group 3 patients received macrolide antibiotics during first 10 days, followed by administration of isotretinoin at a dose of 0.32 mg per kilogram body weight. The biochemical parameters of blood and sebum secretion were measured in all patients before treatment and then monthly. Clinical cure was achieved in 61 patients; significant improvement, in 8 patients; improvement, in one patient. Therapy of severe acne with low doses of Aknekutan in third group patients showed lower efficacy. A decrease in side effects of low-dose isotretinoin administration was registered. Administration of low doses of isotretinoin to treat patients with mild and moderate acne improves efficacy and reduces the treatment duration, simplifies the treatment technique and reduces the medicamental and economic burden on patients. © 2014, Media Sphera Publishing Group. All rights reserved.

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Acne; Aknekutan; High efficacy; Low-dose scheme
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