Papillomaviral infection and cervical diseases in pregnant women. Risk factors of social status, reproductive and contraceptive behavior [Папилломавирусная инфекция и заболевания шейки матки у беременных женщин. Факторы риска социального статуса, репродуктивного и контрацептивного поведения]

Aim. To determine the risk factors for human papillomavirus of high carcinogenic risk (HPV HCR) and cervical diseases (CD) in pregnant women associated with the social status, reproductive and contraceptive behavior. Materials and methods. Design: open-label comparative non-interventional cohort study in parallel groups. The total number of patients – 330 people, of whom 148 women were negative for HPV and 182 women were positive. They were divided into 4 groups depending on the presence or absence of CD. Methods: analysis of anamnesis data, general clinical, test “Kvant-21” to determine HPV, cytological examination, extended colposcopy. Results. The most significant risk factors for HPV HRS infection were identified: history of mycoplasma infection (OR 5.9) and BV (OR 5.3), alcohol consumption (OR 4.0). A history of STIs (trichomoniasis and chlamydial infection), as well as more than 3 sexual partners (OR 2.7) were also significant. The most significant risk factors for CD in HPV-infected women were: age over 35 years (OR 3.8), a history of bacterial vaginosis (OR 3.0), and lack of regular screening (OR 2.4). The coitarche earlier than 16 years old (OR 2.2) also mattered. There were also found factors indicating a low risk of HPV infection – the use of condoms (OR 0.3), and a low risk of CD was indicated by age under 25 years (OR 0.2) and regular screening (OR 0.3). Conclusion. HPV infection with HRS and the prevalence of CMC in pregnant women against the background of HPV infection is associated mainly with social risk factors, to a lesser extent – with factors of reproductive and contraceptive behavior. © 2020 Gynecology. All rights reserved.

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  • 1 People’s Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, Russian Federation
  • 2 Endocrinology Research Centre, Moscow, Russian Federation
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Cervical diseases; Human papillomavirus; Pregnancy; Risk factors
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