Cycloferon in local immunotherapy in patients with virus-associated rhinitis

Evaluation of the effectiveness of various schemes of local immunotherapy in immunocompromised patients with allergic rhini-tis was carried out. Materials and methods A comparative analysis of the treatment of 72 patients with allergic rhinitis, divided into groups: I (main, n=21), which included immunocompromised patients who received sublingual allergen-specific immunotherapy with antipollin and inhaled immunotherapy with cycloferon (every other day, a course of 10 procedures, the total dose of Cycloferon per course is 1250 mg); II (comparison, n=22) — immunocompromised patients who received monotherapy with antipollinum and III (con-trol, n=29) — patients with allergic rhinitis without signs of immunocompromise, who also received antipollinum. The effectiveness of therapy was assessed by the quality of life (RQLQ questionnaire), the severity of nasal symptoms (the patient’s self-obser-vation diary) and the need for drugs after a course of intranasal immunotherapy. Results. The inclusion of cycloferon in the treatment of immunocompromised patients with allergic rhinitis increased its effectiveness — the severity of nasal symptoms decreased: in terms of sneezing, a decrease of 53.5 times versus 1.82 — in the control, «nasal congestion» — 6.3 times versus 2.6 — in the control, «itching in the nose» — 4.9 and 4.2 times, respectively (p<0.05). The changes had a positive effect on the total indicator of the quality of life of patients — an increase of 6.2 times (by 83.7%) (p>0.05) and sig-nificantly reduced the need for cromones (18 times, versus 10.3 — in the group comparison), inhaled corticosteroids (10.4 times versus 8 times in the comparison group, and in decongestans — 8.1 times versus 6.1 — in the comparison group (p>0.05)). Conclusions. The combined use of local immunotherapy with cycloferon and sublingual allergen-specific immunotherapy with antipollinum in immunocompromised patients with allergic rhinitis is the first-line method of choice that statistically significant-ly changes the quality of life of patients. © 2021, Media Sphera Publishing Group. All rights reserved.

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  • 1 Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education «RUDN University», Moscow, Russian Federation
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Allergic rhinitis; Antipol-linum; Cycloferon; Immunocompromised patient; Local immunotherapy; Quality of life; Sublingual immunotherapy
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