The concept of "fame" from the perspective of illustrious persons of the Pacific Alliance member states and the perception of the virtual linguistic personality

The authors analyze the categories of fame and popularity of 40 (10 for each country) most searched famous people on global Internet network regarding four Pacific Alliance member states (Mexico, Columbia, Peru and Chile), according to the quantitative data gathered in scopes of the project Pantheon. The authors assess them as personalities list, i.e. the names of the most relevant people in corresponding linguocultures. The role of these personalities in the global Internet network and in the linguocultures of the Pacific Alliance is being discussed. The results of formal and semantic interpretations of the personalities content and their culturally relevant value have been presented and compiled. Special attention has been paid to the associative relations of the personalities, the correlation of the ethical categories of values, fame and popularity. It is shown that the data about the Pacific Alliance key personalities occupy a relevant place in the semiosphere of the global Internet network, while the concept of "fame" in the speech practice of virtual linguistic personalities is flexible and it allows a variety of interpretations, which is highly important so as to understand language development as a semiotic and communicative system. The novelty of the research is considered to be the interpretation of the content of personalities on the whole, which has let the authors model the concept of "fame" and derive its principal linguistic parameters regarding gender, onomastic identification, professional content, nationality and the area of popularity. The authors' elaboration of the social and psychological interpretation of the Pacific Alliance personalities in scopes of the anthropocentric paradigm of the virtual linguistic personality.

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onomastics; Internet; proper names; the Pacific Alliance; linguoculture; association; meaning; interpretation
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